What we talk about when we talk about religious experiences

Photo: William James, By Notman Studios (photographer) - [1]MS Am 1092 (1185), Series II, 23, Houghton Library, Harvard University, Public Domain, Link Lately, as part of my book project on modern Zen autobiographies, I've been reading up on the notion of "religious experience." The 20th-century Zen Buddhist authors I'm interested in talk about experiences a…Read more What we talk about when we talk about religious experiences

On the Paranormal: Thoughts on the work of Jeff Kripal

If you are anything like me, it will be hard to convince you that Kripal's work is different, that it is not BS. And yet it is serious academic scholarship, built upon the critical framework that has been one of the proudest achievements of the humanities. Kripal is nothing if not keenly attuned to the necessity of critiquing the frameworks we use to assess different phenomena.

Some thoughts on Linji

Recently, Suzanne Cahill and I finished our collaborative translation of the Record of Linji, something that has been a weekly project for a year now. I look back on this experience with great satisfaction. Following are some random observations on the process of translating a Chinese Zen text: Zen masters are like Nietzsche: they maintain…Read more Some thoughts on Linji